Your Parents are Hypochondriacs

Dear Skyler Phoenix Greyvenstein

By the time you are old enough to read this, I sincerely hope that you have not been for a thousand unnesecary specialist visits and mkedical etsts.l Whby? Becasue your mom and dad are insane aka hypochondriacs.

Since brith we have worried and Googled ourselves sick thinking you have:

Liver disease (a spell where you had jaundice which, accoridng to us and Google, took top long to go away. Iw as in tears at the hospital preparing myself for the worst when youa cutally did not even need to be tested at the hospital.

BOR-Syndrome – your fault becasue you have those tiny holes next to your ears

Intestinal Blocakge – you went through a stint of throwing up yoru milk when you were two months (I think you only did it three times but still…. we would be bad parents if we did not run straight to Google to freak oursleves the heck out)

Autism – yes we did! You went thoguht and arm flapping stage right after you first rolled over on Thursday the 24th of September 2015. It was actually just you exploring your body and how it moves but again, we had to Google.

Kidney disease: I was convinced a few weeks after you were born that you did not pee enough or that you peed too much. It differed depending on Google’s recommendations.

Skyler 5 months

Skyler was 5 months yesterday.

All I can say is that she is just unbelievable. She is so cute and tiny and chubby and has such a big voice. She loves to scream, eat her fingers, play with her toes and now loves to sit up even though she cant get there  by herself just yet.

She is becoming so demanding – her own little person with her own wants and preferences.

It is so amazing to be a family. Me, her dad, Skyler and our two pups. We have so much fun together.

I can;t believe that we have this wonderful little girl and that she is a part of us. I don’t know how we were so lucky to get her. She is so amazing.

She laughs so much – when she smiles it looks like the sun is shining through her eyes – corny yes but it is so amazing to see her eyes light up.

And the way she giggles is so cute!!!! Its the best sound in the whole wide world


Me and her dad tried to feed her solids on Sunday but she did not like it 🙂 She threw the bowl around and ended up getting upset. Then yesterday I decided to let her play with the rice cereal and she actually ate. She is so adorable and so smart.

What I love about you Skyler Phoenix Greyvenstein – 4 months (31/08/2015)

  1. The way you hold the bottle with me when I feed you
  2. The way you hel d the bottle all by youself this weeknd then licked the bottom when it fell down next to you
  3. The way you rub your eyes with your tiny chubby hands when you are sleepy
  4. The way you giggle when me and your dad say aboo as if you have to and really giggle when your teacher does it.
  5. The way you look at us with raised eyebrows
  6. The way you kick viciously in the bath
  7. Your chubby little legs
  8. The way you place arms hand on your dads shoulders when he carries you
  9. The way you have started touching your head as if you can feel how smooth your hair is
  10. The way you just sat with me the morning of last week when I was sick.