Snoring Sleepy Baby

I am busy working, writing motivations, analysing adwords campaigns and dealing with peed off leads, and Skyler is lying next to me snoring oblivious to all around her. It is so cute how she fights sleep so hard and when she finally allows it to overtake her she is dead to the world. No sounds or movements will wake her.

We are waiting for her dad to come home and I can just imagine how he is going to want to eat her up when he sees how she is lying with her one arm above her head – embracing sleep just as hard as she fights it.

I love this little Munchskin. Just want to eat her up

Skyler slaap 1

Overtired Bambino

Skyler is alive, alert and increasingly more awake. It is amazing to see her eyes lit up as she looks around and studies her surroundings. it is also amazing to see hers smile more in reaction to what we do. It’s amazing to see her with her dad, sitting on his lap as he plays Xbox and looking up at him with awe in her eyes.

I love this little creature. She is indescribable. So amazing.

She has also decided that she has made things far too easy on myself and her dad by not crying often, sleeping most of the time and being unbelievably cute. Therefore, she has now decided to stay awake and fight sleep with everything she has in her. It is so cute (even though it’s probably not supposed to be). If she stays awake for more than four hours she starts getting extremely irritated, kicking her legs, grabbing her bottle and making these grinding noises as she chews at the teat, kicking her legs and balling her fists. And if you dare take that bottle out of her mouth you will regret it.

Her eyes roll back into her head but as soon as she realizes it, she jerks awake and starts staring again, then takes the angry grinding noises and kicks her legs. Then asks for her dummy and continues to spit it out while making angry grinding noises, forcing me and her dad to run around like mad cows putting the dummy in her mouth, singing to her, patting her, feeding her, yelling at each other (ok not really yelling more like politely telling the other person off for doing something to wake her).

But then on Saturday morning I discovered them miracle of all miracles: a hairdryer. I was drying my hair when I saw her eyes start to flutter. But I was rushing to meet a friend at a restaurant so when I turned it off she was wide awake again (and my brain was not connecting the dots yet). So then when I came home from seeing my friend and hubby told me she had not slept once since I left (which was in the morning) I knew we were in trouble – and Skyler made it clear by making that grinding animal noise with new-found determination.

So then after trying absolutely everything  for four hours to get her to sleep, I remembered the hair dryer and turned it on…and Skyler fell asleep. Then I turned it off after ten minutes and she woke up again. Then I turned it on for an hour and she stayed asleep for five hours. Amazing…

Three Smiles in a Row – 20 June 2015

Making my eyes tear up and my heart swell with pride and joy – Skyler smiled three times during one feed this morning. She was drinking from her bottle while I was holding her in my arms and she would all of a sudden look at me, stop drinking and her face would break out in a smile. It’s not the type of smile hwre you can see just gums but it is the most amazing smile evr.

I can;t wait  (yes I can I don;t want her to grow up too fast) for that all gummy smile and belly giggles I keep hearing about. She is just the cutest thing. I can’t believe how in love I am – it’s like finding true love for the second time in your life.

She is amazing

Skylerpic26 Skylerpic25 Skylerpic23 Skylerpic22

What I love About You Skyler Phoenix Greyvenstein

  1. The way you still do your monkey face at seven weeks old
  2. The way I can feel your breath on my neck when you lie on my shoulder
  3. The warmth of your tiny body as I cradle you against me
  4. The smell of your hair
  5. The sound you make when you take a break from drinking your bottle- gasping and panting – showing how hard it is for your tiny little body to finish a bottle almost as big as you
  6. The way you shake your head from side to side like dog with a bone when you grab the bottle or your dummy
  7. The way you give this little yell before you start moaning (which sounds like pretend crying) and then if ignored really start to cry
  8. The little yell you give when your dummy falls out of your mouth – your demand for us to [put it back in
  9. The way you scrunch up your hands under your chin and tuck your head in and frown sometimes when you look at us as (I wish I could read your mind)
  10. The way I sometimes find you staring at me while I am working or watching a movie – studying me while I am completely unaware
  11. The way you have recently started smiling – still so unsure of what you are actually doing but the transformation on your face is like a miracle
  12. The way you seem to head bang when I hold you up and you try to hold your head up
  13. Your eyes – the expression in your eyes and your little frown cannot be explained with words
  14. The way you move your toes while in the bath – taking me back to the 4d ultrasound we had a week before we had you where you played with your toes, holding them with your hand, and stretching them out
  15. The way your dad’s face lights up every time he sees you and the way he laughs in the middle of the night while he feeds you and sees you doing something amazing
  16. They way your soft silky hair feels when I rub my hand over your head
  17. The way your hair curls up at the ends in the bath
  18. Your soft chubby legs, arms and tummy
  19. The sound you make when you suck your dummy – like the baby in The SimpSons

Skylerpic23 Skylerpic22 Skylerpic19

First Immunisation…. Poor Baby

So we survived the first “bad” immunization. Me and hubby took Skyler to the baby center this morning and I was near a panic attack by the time I sat down in the nurse’s office. Friends and family have told me such horrible stories about the 6 week immunization but it really wasn’t that bad. Yes I did have to swallow tears when Skyler started screaming and was a bit shaky but she was ok.

Me and hubby were beaming from ear to ear when the nurses took Skyler out of her carseat and started freaking out at how cute she is. And I have to agree she is extremely cute. They took her out of the office to go show her to other nurses while me and P sat there all smiley, trying to contain our pride when we actually wanted to scream out: yes were the parents of that cute beautiful little one. Its us. We made her. We get to raise her and dress her in cute little outfits.

So glad its over – and loved the nurses even though hubby and I both agreed they were like teachers (yes we have something against teachers. But nurses that act like teachers are ok. The fact that they thought Skyler was adorable counted in their favor.

Now another immunization is due in a month… poor baby

4 Hours Later

So baby is not feeling well at all and I now know what it’s like to feel so bad for a little life when they are sick. Curse the danm immunization (not really though cause it does save lives in the end).

Skyler has a fever and me and her dad are extremely paranoid and keep shoving the thermometer into her mouth every fifteen minutes followed by another reading under her arm just to make sure. Have removed her clothes and she is lying on my chest moving those chubby little arms every now and then while grunting – the nurse said the immunization will give her stomach cramps.

The only thing that keeps her calm is rocking her. Me and her dad take turns switching between Googling symptoms and rocking – what would we ever have done without Dr Google…

Will not sleep tonight…will keep taking temperature, rocking, snuggling and off course….express milk (want to throw up in the middle of the night when I see that breast pump!!)



Newborn in One Arm, Laptop in the Other

Working full time with a newborn is not always easy but it is manageable. I have learnt to really work while she is asleep.  I find the mornings the hardest where i have to express milk, feed Skyler and answer emails.

I think it’s just the start of the day that overwhelms me , making me feel like there is waaaay too much to do. But then once Skyler is settled and I am busy answering emails knowing her next few feeds are ready I calm down and think about how lucky I am to get to work from home while looking after my baby.

Thing You Might Want to Know About Working Full Time While Looking After a Baby:

1. You will eventually become very good at typing with one hand while holding her dummy or bottle in her mouth with the other.

2. It is extremely hard to express milk while typing an email and you might spill some on your laptop

3. Do not take a business call while expressing. The person on the other line might ask you what the noise is and you might feel awkward telling them.

4. Work while you can!!!! Yes you might feel like watching series as you are working from home and no one will know but once that baby is up she is up and you have wasted whatever time you had for work on series (although I still find it worth it sometimes.)

5. You will work a lot during the times you used to chill before – the middle of the night, seems to be the most prominent and then of course when hubby comes home.

6. You will feel stressed – but that was a given before the baby anyways

7. Your husband will expect you to do more as you are at home – the term working full time with baby does not make sense to men

8. Your husband will say: Yes but you can take on the extra feed tonight because you can sleep during the day – even though you never get time to sleep during the day

9. Your laptop will feature in many of your baby photos (part of the family dynamics – just hope it is work related info being displayed on the screen and not series)

skylerpic15 skylerpic16

New Things

Every time I take a photo of Skyler I see something different; either an expression I have not seen before, more hair, less chubbiness around her face… It’s scary how fast she is growing up and I am so scared of missing anything.

She is also starting to make more noises, grunting and squeaking and screaming when her dummy falls out. She does this adorable thing when she has just woken up and i am feeding her where she grunts for a really long time while stretching out her legs and toes. It is so adorable. I am so in love with this little person.

Myself and hubby were watching movies in bed last night and she was lying between us wide awake staring at everything and we could not believe how we were only two people a while back and now we are three. We have this tiny human that goes with us wherever we go and stays on our minds 24/7. I will never ever wish for her to grow up fast but I do find myself constantly wondering what she will be like when she is 3, 6 and when she enters those dreaded teenage years. How will our unit of 3 (or maybe then even 4) be?

We visited our friends Tam and Mark two on Saturday night and once again they commented on how beautiful Skyler is. Everyone syas that and it’s not because they have to. This little girl is so gorgeous and was form the first moment we laid eyes on her. It is unthinkable that she formed inside of me. She is so perfect  and beautiful – like a bundle of white light and energy.

skylerr - 5 weeks skylerpic12

Newborn sleeping through the night – Einstein Child

Believe it or not, my sweet little Skyler slept for five hours last night, woke up for a feed and slept another five hours. This, according to the internet, means she is sleeping through.

Now, of course, any parent will jump up and down when this happens and also cry a little (mostly owing to previous sleep deprivation, but you will also feel just a tiny bit less needed and sad.

During the first few weeks of Skyler’s life she woke and fed every three hours. We were on the ready me and her dad, armed with breast pump, bottles, bibs, feeding pillows – we armed ourselves for the night and beamed proudly the next morning that two lazy arses such as ourselves could keep a chubby little newborn alive and chubby by feeding her through the night.

Yes I will admit I did sometimes doze off baby and bottle in hand but snapped back to reality as soon as I had a vision of her swallowing too much air and me having to burb her for an extra hour which would cut my sleeping time between her feeds to one hour only.

So yes, I am amazed that my Einstein baby is sleeping through – but then again as she is super smart this is to be expected.

But I can’t believe how big and independent she is getting. The cute folds under her chin and behind her neck are getting less, all of the fine hair on her body is disappearing, the chubbiness is becoming more firm and her face is less scrunched up.

Her monkey face- which she always made when she wakes up by throwing her whole body and neck back with her hands next to her ears, lips pouted and forehead all wrinkled up – is also becoming less now. She now stretches like a normal person- maybe me and her dad should do the monkey thing and she will revert to that normal.

I loved that monkey face so much. Found myself at her cousins first birthday party holding her and telling people “look look she’s doing it” and them staring at me as if I am crazy. I don’t know why because I am sure not all babies do that – only mine. Or only mine does it that cute.

Gosh I will miss these times. Me and hubby were watching videos of the first few weeks last night and it is crazy how much she has changed from then to now – all in five weeks.

So…Tips for letting newborn sleep through the night (aka what every single pregnant couple is

Googling while chewing their nails and pulling their hair and praying to God there is a simple recipe)

  1. I don’t know
  2. What we did is just let her let us know when she is hungry and we obliged
  3. Don’t pick her up every time she fusses – see if she was just moaning or if she is really hungry (trust me she will become a lot more than fussy if she is really hungry)
  4. Let her drink at her own pace
  5. Burp in between a feed and check if she is still hungry after changing her diaper – this will ensure that she has a full tummy and will sleep comfortably. Also, burping in between will ensure that any of those stuck evil suckers will get out and not bother her while she is getting her beauty sleep.

Little one is now moaning next to me – hungry again.

Growing up too fast

Things People Forget To Tell You About Having a Newborn

During my Pregnancy I got the Following Comments from People about Live With A Newborn:

  • You will feel like a Zombie (This is true at times I have to concur)
  • You will never have time for yourself again (I don;t really agree – if your child is an angle like mine you still get to read books on kindle while using your breast pump at two in the morning and you still watch a lot of tv – honestly if you were as serious about series as I am you will make time for this.)
  • They will keep you extremely busy (I think they  mistook the newborn phase for the one year old phase when they start to walk because newborns sleep A LOT)
  • Your relationship better be really strong in order for you to cope with the added stresses of having a child

What They Did not Mention:

  • It is not your baby that will keep you extremely busy but actually all the things that need to be done for the baby
  • Your family will drive you up the wall during the first week of your newborns life (imagine receiving 100 text messages with everyone asking how is she and send a pic and then getting mad when you don’t reply fast enough.)
  • Even if you have 20 people at your house standing ready with arms outstretched to help you with the baby you still won’t get more than 4 hours sleep at a time as you hold the food in your boobs and they cant really breastfeed her for you (would be weird)
  • You will get sick of sterilizing bottles but you will also be sick with worry about not sterilizing them right and will fear sprout like the plague (yes I sat up at night holding a torch inside Skyler’s mouth to check for any white patches.)
  • You will start being extremely sensitive about any horrible news stories – some good advice is to stop listening to the news. I found myself in tears quite a few times about the fact that my precious gift of pure white energy has to share the world with such evil sods.
  • You will be dead set on getting a gun – not only for the little pricks who will one day want to date and corrupt her but for the evil sods out there as well.
  • You will become obsessed with keeping your baby’s hair if they were born with hair. Me and my husband both beamed with pride in the delivery room when our daughter presented herself with a full head of dark hair (we both have light hair and not a lot of it)r. We were 100% sure we would have bald baby. I sat in awe touching her hair, imagining how she will have a full main of hair one day which I will not allow her to highlight. Then our family peed on our parade by saying: it will all fall out you know and it might even change color – so now I keep checking her hair and only wash every other day to ensure she is getting the right oils etc etc
  • Before you have your baby you will be worried about finances and the fact that you will never have time for yourself or as a couple again. I used to say to myself its ok: I will find a very affordable daycare, once he/she starts using formula I will buy the cheapest one (the internet says its good enough) Then once my beautiful baby was here all of that changed. I don’t care about being poor as long as I can give my baby THE BEST and thank God every day that I am able to breastfeed and will be able to buy her the most expensive formula when she needs it. I went to look at one “affordable” daycare and ran out of there so fast I ran right into one that costs triple its price but is only 500 m from my work – need to check up on the bastards.
  • Yes there will be more of a strain on your relationship but you will love your husband/partner so much more and will worry A LOT more when they come home late from work (checking road incident reports etc) as you share something unimaginable with them that you cannot explain to anyone.

What no one tells you is that you will be exhausted – in a zombie like state- you will be fat, your stomach will be jiggly, you will not be able to go out on a whim and watch movies or drink yourself into a stupor as you did before, you will be poorer – yes children are expensive – but once you have that little life with you you will not mind AT ALL> IN fact you will thank God every day for being tired, poor and sometimes extremely bitchy because it means that little miracle is still with you, you still get to raise her, you still get to experience life through her eyes.


The Best Gift God Could Ever Give You

The Best Gift God Could Ever Give You

Life with a newborn

Born With a Full head of hair aka making her parents extremely proud at what they produced 🙂

What no one will tell you is that looking into your baby's eyes and tiny face makes every  horrible thing seem rewarding

What no one will tell you is that looking into your baby’s eyes and tiny face makes every horrible thing seem rewarding